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Within the past years I have been busy with efforts of how to implement the principle of sustainability in curricula. Curricula will be the most important vehicle within the educational system for achieving reforms. And curricula will become more and more alike everywhere - since all over the world  educationalist will be faced with the same problems.



These are links  for the Earth Charter Forum, dealing with Education for a Sustainable Future. These ideas  reflect the cultural diversities (fortunately) as well as the common pursuit for accepting individual and collective responsibility for a sustainable future of our children.

Dieter Gross
Spokesman and Representative for Environmental Education and Education for a Sustainable Future
within The
Union of German Teachers of Geography

Lindenthaler Allee 68 , D-14163 Berlin,   Tel. 0049-30-80902656 Fax 0049-30-80902657




Comments on the Eurocurriculum . This curriculum (part of a R&D project)  has been published in 1994 and presented to many international institutions.

Implementing SD in Curricula 




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